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Second ACM International Conference
on Web Search and Data Mining
WSDM 2009
Barcelona, Spain - February 9-12, 2009

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Accepted Papers:

  • Benjamin Piwowarski, Georges Dupret and Rosie Jones. Mining User Web Search Activity with Layered Bayesian Networks or How to Capture a Click in its Context.
  • Simon Overell, Borkur Sigurbjornsson and Roelof van Zwol. Classifying Tags using Open Content Resources
  • Fan Guo, Chao Liu and Yi-Min Wang. Efficient Multiple-Click Models in Web Search
  • Xuerui Wang, Andrei Broder, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, Vanja Josifovski and Bo Pang. Robust Cross-Language Query Classification with External Web Evidence
  • Xiang Wang, Kai Zhang, Xiaoming Jin and Dou Shen. Mining Common Topics from Multiple Asynchronous Text Streams
  • Ryen White, Susan Dumais and Jaime Teevan. Characterizing the Influence of Domain Expertise on Web Search Behavior
  • Maggy Anastasia Suryanto, Ee-Peng Lim, Aixin Sun and Roger Chiang. Quality-Aware Collaborative Question Answering: Methods and Evaluation
  • Adish Singla and Ingmar Weber. Camera Brand Congruence in the Flickr Social Graph
  • Hongbo Deng, Irwin King and Michael Lyu. Effective Latent Space Graph-based Re-ranking Model with Global Consistency
  • Rakesh Agrawal, Sreenivas Gollapudi, Alan Halverson and Samuel Ieong. Diversifying Search Results
  • Ravi Kumar, Kunal Punera, Torsten Suel and Sergei Vassilvitskii. Top-k Aggregation Using Intersection of Ranked Inputs
  • Jaime Teevan, Meredith Ringel Morris and Steve Bush. Discovering and Using Groups to Improve Personalized Search
  • Michael Bendersky and Bruce Croft. Finding Text Reuse on the Web
  • Kazuhiro Seki and Kuniaki Uehara. Adaptive Subjective Triggers for Opinionated Document Retrieval
  • Daniel Ramage, Paul Heymann, Christopher Manning and Hector Garcia-Molina. Clustering the Tagged Web
  • Yin Yang, Nilesh Bansal, Wisam Dakka, Panagiotis Ipeirotis, Nick Koudas and Dimitris Papadias,. Query by Document
  • Chinmay Karande, Kumar Chellapilla and Reid Andersen. Speeding up Algorithms on Compressed Web Graphs
  • Marijn Koolen, Gabriella Kazai and Nick Craswell. Wikipedia Pages as Entry Points for Book Search
  • Danushka Bollegala, Yutaka Matsuo and Mitsuru Ishizuka. Measuring the Similarity between Implicit Semantic Relations using Web Search Engines
  • Ling Chen, Phillip Wright and Wolfgang Nejdl. Improving Music Genre Classification Using Collaborative Tagging Data
  • Alvaro Pereira, Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Nivio Ziviani and Jesœs Bisbal. A Model for Fast Web Mining Prototyping
  • Eytan Adar, Jaime Teevan, Susan Dumais and Jonathan Elsas. The Web Changes Everything: Understanding the Dynamics of Web Content
  • Rakesh Agrawal, Alan Halverson, Krishnaram Kenthapadi, Nina Mishra and Panayiotis Tsaparas. Generating Labels from Clicks
  • Tapas Kanungo and David Orr. Predicting Readability of Short Web Summaries
  • Fernando Diaz. Aggregation of News Content Into Web Results
  • Eytan Adar, Michael Skinner and Daniel Weld. Information Arbitrage in Multi-Lingual Wikipedia
  • Songhua Xu and Francis Lau. A New Visual Interface for Search Engines
  • Jaap Kamps and Marijn Koolen. Is Wikipedia Link Structure Different?
  • Marc Najork, Sreenivas Gollapudi and Rina Panigrahy. Less is More: Sampling the Neighborhood Graph Makes SALSA Better and Faster